Self Help Device : Meditational practice

I being a practicing clinician , deeply believe in biological approach to psychiatric treatment with modern medicines.
However I feel more concerned to 'Mental-health' issues : specifically I have keen interest in 'Meditational Techniques' & 'Art-therapy'

All along I was inclined to non-drug approaches to enhance mental-health.Beyond psychotherapy and behavior-therapy, I explored less popular ‘Self-hypnosis’ and different ‘Meditational’ techniques .In ‘80s I participated in a number of camps organized by ‘Bihar School of Yoga’ and some other variants of Yogic schools .In 1984 and 1986 I participated’ International Workshop on Self-hypnosis’ organized by the’ Indian Society of Experimental & Clinical Hypnosis’ at Ahmedabad and Baroda respectively.

Subsequently I developed a pragmatic approach to deep relaxation, excluding religious rituals and mystic overtones and demonstrated to my selected clients. In 1999 I released an audio-cassette as a ‘self-help device’ .Subsequently I upgraded the audio- recording and released an audio-CD. Now there are two presentations in YouTube : (1) 7 min. Video clipping & (2) 24 min. audio .

Release of Cassette -1999

Sri. Sunil Gangopadhyay : Release of CD on relaxation - self help device -2001

Delivered lecture at 10th SAARC international psychiatry conference
on Yogic - Relaxation therapy on 17th December 2017

Seminar on Yoga organized by Task force, IPS, June 2019

Demonstration was made by disciples of 'Banga Bhusan' Mr. Tushar Sil.

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